Fossil Fuels for Solar Power Generation Projects

Fossil Fuels for Solar Power Generation Projects

Fossil fuels have been the sources of the energy across the globe for so many years. Sadly these energy resources are the ones that take millions of years to retrieve. With the continuous growth and developments taking place at a faster pace, these energy resources are being consumed at a much higher rate. Eventually a time has come where some international research organizations have estimated that the remaining lifetime of fuels like oil is 50 years, natural gas is 70 years. Ever wondered how the life and work will sustain in absence of these energy resources. Not only this but also these energy resources pollute the environment. Thus, we need to give this issue a serious thought. It has become the need of hour that we witch to the resources that are renewable and also clean.

In this context, the first and foremost abundantly available energy resource that we can bring to use is the solar energy. What is solar energy? Solar energy is the light and the heat that we receive from the sun. This energy when converted into electricity is called solar energy and when this energy is converted into electricity, it is called solar power.

India falls into a zone where it observes almost 300 clear sunny days. Alone over India’s land, energy incidence is estimated to be 5000 trillion kwh/year. When sun promises to be a potential and a clean energy resource, why not utilizing it to fulfill our needs. Thus, advancements are being made in developing the solar power projects globally. India too is actively participating in this regard.

Jawaharlal Nehru national solar mission is the one step in this direction. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy resources takes the ultimate care of various decisions for renewable energy, its generation and consumption and India Renewable Energy Development Agency helps to promote, develop and extend the financial assistance for this. Government of India is encouraging the use of solar energy in the projects like solar rooftops, solar parks etc to provide a renewable, abundant and clean energy resource.

Solar rooftops are being installed over the commercial buildings, hotels, residences, housing societies etc  which include a semiconductor material that absorbs the sunlight to produce electricity. Some benefits served are, firstly it significantly reduces the electricity bill. Secondly, it does not pollute the environment. Thirdly, this energy resource is not going to deplete how much though it is used. Fourthly, solar industry has emerged out as a new field. It increasingly is growing and offering jobs to a large population out there.

Solar park is a concentrated zone of development of solar power generation projects. It includes large number of photovoltaic panels. A total of 33 solar parks have been approved in 21 states with a total capacity of 19,900 mw.

Piyush Goyal, minister for power and new and renewable energy informed that solar capacity in India has crossed 5000 mw in January and will achieve a target of 18000 mw by the end of the year 2017. Moreover, India has planned to achieve a target of 175 gw by the year 2022. Various companies that participate in this field are NTPC, Lanco Infratec, Rajasthan Sun Technique Energy pvt Ltd, KVK Energy Ventures ect.


These solar power projects help in various areas. To mention a few are like:

  • Irrigation with the help of solar power pumps
  • Electrification with the help of solar rooftops, solar lanterns
  • Solar water heaters being used by hotels, residences and industries
  • Electricity driven cars etc

Solar power is abundantly available. It can be a huge asset for the human race if it is tapped properly. Let’s start saving the non-renewable energy resources and switch to more abundant and clean energy resources.


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