Solar Power Projects in India

Solar Power Projects in India

India being a tropical country, sunshine remains available for long hours. Thus, it becomes imperative that solar energy will serve as highly potential energy resource. Considering this fact, a National Solar Mission will soon be launched to increase the share of solar energy in the total energy mix.

National Action Plan on Climate Change has eight distinct missions. Out of these, one significant objective is Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. JNNSM( for short) is one of the major global initiatives in the promotion of solar energy technologies.

The budget for 2016-17 revised the target for renewable energy capacity to 1.75k mw till 2022. This comprises 100k mw solar, 60k mw wind, 10k mw biomass, & 5k mw small hydro.

Mission road map

Application segment Target for phase-1(2010-13) Cumulative target for phase-2(2013-17) Cumulative target for phase-3(2017-22)
Grid solar power 1100 mw 4000-10000 mw 20000 mw
Off-grid solar applications 200 mw 1000 mw 2000 mw
Solar thermal collectors 7 million m2 15 million m2 20 million m2
Solar lighting system 5 million 10 million 20 million


It is expected that the market will significantly grow in the current year i.e 2016. Not only this, but also the capacity addition in the first quarter of this year is nearly expected to be equal to the entire capacity added in 2015. This accounts for almost 5 gw additional solar power generation capacity. Southern states like Andhara Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana are expected to add nearly 80% of new capacity in the  current year. Thus, it can be easily estimated that solar power capacity additions in the year 2017 will definitely surpass the capacity additions in the current year 2016.

Waste lands will be utilized for the installations of solar power plants. Government is encouraging building solar parks in this direction. Almost 32 solar parks have been sanctioned in nearly 20 Indian states. A solar capacity of nearly 20000 mw has been targeted under this solar park scheme.


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