KOR Promise

Following are the advantages that KOR Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd., we call it KOR Promise:

1. Quick Installation: We enable pre-assembled factory ready structures & products to save the installation time.

2. High Anti Corrosion: We assure all our products and even components possess high corrosion resistance ability and suit the diverse weather conditions across India. So weather it is highly humid city like Mumbai, extreme climate of Delhi or high salinity environment around sea coastline, KOR promises the best in the industry.

3. Globally Best Components: KOR Promises globally best components as we have tied up with the best in industry manufacturers & labels from around the world. Our panels and inverters are world renowned & globally accepted.

4. Low Maintenance: These solar systems are extremely low on maintenance premium products. Average system life is 25 years and if required we promise a service response time under 48 hrs.

5. Safe, technically equipped & Reliable: KOR assures reliability and offers remote monitoring from any web connected advice.