Operations & Maintenance Services

The Operations & Maintenance division at KOR Energy works directly under the supervision of our Managing Director Mr.Sushil Sarawgi, who believes that safety, preventive and corrective maintenance services for solar power plants are must for upbeat maintenance services.

For each project we have a dedicated team that ensures smooth operations at solar power plants and reports on monthly basis regarding the maintenance activities, provides project performance reports along with evolving mechanism to retrieve and manage generation data. Our O&M team has the right expertise and technical know-how to provide timely solutions in case of defect or defaults at the solar plants.

KOR Energy also extends the services to third party PV and rooftop system owners, operators and OEMs. Under the leadership of KOR Energy weconsolidate risk mitigation and operational confrontsrelated to project financing, execution and production.The background of KOR Group is an enabler and also the strength factor that ensuresour team leverage economies of scale and deliver inclusive asset management services with optimal costs and maximum outputs.

Scope of Service

  • Operations in accordance with valid safety measures, occupational health and environment regulations as per the green practices.
  • Proper verification and reporting on electricity generation, loss due to grid disturbance, and electricity consumption for the facility operations.
  • Remote Monitoring and SupervisionFacility through dedicated teams for all the operational units. SCADA and software-driven monitoring devices for real-time updates, performance-based alerts and monitoring.
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance is regularly carried out at project venues that includes inspection, testing, cleaning, repairs and replacement whenever necessary as per the GMP norms.
  • Regular training to engineers and operations team for onsite testing instruments and equipment.