Recent developments in Solar Power Sector

Solar power tree developed for generation of electricity-This method is developed by Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), Durgapur. It is an innovative process to generate solar energy from the limited space.As the name suggests it is designed like a tree with branches made of steel to hold the photo voltaic panel.It takes only 4 sq.ft of land for [...]

Solar Energy – A Never-Ending Energy Resource

Sunlight is the largest source of the energy which the earth receives. Solar energy is increasingly becoming popular because it is never-ending and essentially non-polluting energy resource unlike fossil fuels, coal, natural gas, petroleum. Solar energy promises to be a reliable source of energy.  KOR Energy is trying to bring the change and make its customers and clients understand [...]

Rooftop Solar Systems and Types

At KOR Energy, the Rooftop Solar Panel systems are generally of three types: Off-grid: An arrangement where the system functions only either a battery backup or diesel generator. Grid-tied: An arrangement where the system supplies the power generated to the grid. During any power failure, since the inverter shuts down the system becomes incapable of generating power. Grid-interactive: This system works in [...]

How Do Solar Panels Work, The Benefits

Many a times our sales representatives, find it obvious but to explain the technicalities in a solar panel working becomes a little stretched and prolonged activity for the layman customers. We at KOR Energy decided to explain the working of solar panel through our solar energy blog. In easy language, photovoltaic effect is the name given to the process whereby [...]

Solar Panel Care Post Installation

Solar Panel Care Post Installation Very often it is being seen that we find it difficult to get accustomed to new technology. But over the years the human race has realized that technology and environment friendly technology is a friend to human kind. Solar Panels are one such eco-friendly product that KOR Energy strongly recommends and promotes. Though we take [...]

Solar Power Projects in India

India being a tropical country, sunshine remains available for long hours. Thus, it becomes imperative that solar energy will serve as highly potential energy resource. Considering this fact, a National Solar Mission will soon be launched to increase the share of solar energy in the total energy mix. National Action Plan on Climate Change has eight distinct missions. Out of [...]

Solar Energy and Alternatives of Renewable Energy

Right from our childhood we have been learning in our schools that energy resources such as coal, fuel etc are non-renewable energy resources and that their recreation takes hundreds of years. Such energy resources are not only limited but also become expensive in the process of retrieval. We thus need to reduce our dependence upon these fossil fuels for [...]

Financing for Rooftop Solar Projects & Feasibility

India is a country with large population and rapidly growing economy. It has become the need of hour that we start using energy resources that are clean and reliable. India lies in the region of high solar insulations. The country nearly observes 300 clear sunny days. The annual mean daily global solar radiation in the range of 4-6 kwh/m2/day. Rooftop [...]

Tips to Determine the most efficient solar panels for business & residences

HOW TO DETERMINE WHICH IS MOST EFFICIENT SOLAR PANEL Which one is the best or most efficient solar panel? This is the most common question that comes to the minds of people when they consider about going solar. To be more accurate, the question should be how to ascertain the efficiency of solar panel, which solar panels are worth the [...]

Fossil Fuels for Solar Power Generation Projects

Fossil fuels have been the sources of the energy across the globe for so many years. Sadly these energy resources are the ones that take millions of years to retrieve. With the continuous growth and developments taking place at a faster pace, these energy resources are being consumed at a much higher rate. Eventually a time has come where [...]